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      2018-05-27 08:57:18

      Casting Adapter Bucket of Excavator Spare Parts

      Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel,etc, such as T1,T2,T3,T4.
      Machine type: Excavator, Loader,Bulldozer,etc.
      Brands: Caterpillar, Komatsu, JCB,Kobelco, Esco,Hyundai,Daewoo,Hitach,etc.
      Heat treatment: Quenching and tempering treatment
      Colour: yellow,Red,Blue,Green,Black...
      Teeth : HRC48-52 ,Impact value >=16J
      Adapters : HRC34-38 ,Impact value >=25J
      Work condition: With excellent elongation and tensile strength, suitable for many different hard working conditions.


      We are good china manufacturer,focus on offering bucket teeth, adapters, blades,cutting edge,end bits, plow bolt and etc which applied to Construction Machinery . Curved & Flat Cutting Edge & Blade end bits for grader, dozer, loader, excavator, digger, forklift, bulldozer etc.